The internship at Lunar Logic – It’s all about people

Sunny internshipThink of a company that cares about technical skills but pays even more attention to how we act as a part of a team. Think of a company where collaboration is paramount, helping others is a default option and competitiveness isn’t welcome. Think of a company that, despite having pretty damn good developers, understands that writing more code is rarely, if ever, the best strategy to please their clients.


We are looking for great candidates for our summer internships*. Obviously, we are looking for people with decent Ruby on Rails, Javascript and/or iOS development skills, but those are not necessarily the most important qualifications. Most of all, we are looking for people who care about teams they’re a part of and the projects they build. This means being open to a much broader context than just coding.

And yes, we’re going to help you on that journey and we promise it’ll be a lot of fun too. If you feel like you want to be a part of all this apply here.

*Internships are planned for 3 months (July to September) and are in Krakow.

What we expect:

  • Decent RoR, js and/or iOS development skills
  • Passion for learning
  • Empathy and interpersonal skills

What we offer:

  • Support on your learning path
  • An unusual work environment with: kudos, badges, board games, etc.
  • A lot of fun
  • Paid

Want to become part of our team? Apply here.

  • Peter Roman

    I am an American expat in krakow who has a girlfriend studying medicine here for the next two years.
    In undergraduate I studied chemistry and biology but I have always had a keen interest in troubleshooting my Linux and windows OS but never role through to anything apart from debugging and some rudimentary C++.
    Phillip Boksz and I have spoken about ways that I might be able to get my foot in the door with CS and programming. He mentioned your internship program and that it start in July.
    As an intern, I am fully willing to dedicate myself to learning from the ground up. In the next month, I would happily begin working on something to catch myself up to speed with your other applicants-motivation is not going to be a problem.
    Besides that, I’m a bit of a video game geek and a music/movie/food buff that plays bridge.
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your message. We are looking for people with basic programming knowledge & skills – so based on that what you wrote our internship can be for you :)

    Can you send your application via: It will be easier to contact you that way.