To be honest, I hardly ever stumble upon a situation that I have trouble finding a satisfying solution to my problem over the internet. And yet it happened to me last week. I was thinking of a way to improve the design of an application that our awesome interns, Asia and Przemek, are making. The… Read all »

Being a software dev is an exciting adventure and a great way of life.   It's not all moonlight and roses, though. Numerous challenges await you down the road. Nemeses who will summon distress and anxiety for you. They will tamper with your mood, undermine your confidence, jam the performance and turn your efforts into dust. If… Read all »

How We Hire

A story that I frequently share when speaking at conferences is the one when I finally re-hired Ania. Once she agreed to rejoin us, I was so ecstatic to share the news with everyone. And then Tomek and Marcin popped up at my desk with sad faces to tell me: “Pawel, it’s not how we… Read all »