All-company meetings are boring. Especially when you've got to listen to a manager's rant about yet another robustly streamlined leveraging out of the box. Gosh. Thankfully, we've got no managers. We do have company meetings, though. Once a week, to be precise. It's called the lean coffee, even though it's not about watered-down coffee. We gather… Read all »

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The Time Masters

Distractions. Distractions everywhere! Social media. Smartphones. Google Glass coming up. And you just want to get things done. And the biggest culprit - the office itself. Fancy a coffee? Let's go for a lunch? Have you seen the rocket dog? Screw you. Pomodoro in progress. Work for 25 minutes. Relax for 5 minutes. Repeat. Simple? That's… Read all »

Google: curiosity.

Google is an internet behemoth, isn't it? A single G team is bigger than whole Lunar. And it's Google. They know everything. Yet they're still interested in smaller companies than theirs. We've met a gang of Google's Product Manager freshmen last Friday. They came to our office to learn how Lunar Logic works. Why? Imagine that… Read all »

Hello! Please, tell us how you feel. We do this in many ways: send Kudos, submit a topic during the weekly lean coffee, have a real coffee in our comfy kitchen or... Draw a smiley on a whiteboard. Or beer. Or Pacman. It's up to you. The Happiness Chart is a kind of universal mood indicator. We draw… Read all »

We're agile here at Lunar Logic. We didn't invent gunpowder, these times everybody is agile. And that's a good thing. But not every company has got a portable boss, has it? Meet Paweł. A laptop desk, a bean bag and a recycled cardboard box - that's all he needs to set up a flying office. He can… Read all »