Some 20 months ago we decided to turn salaries at Lunar Logic transparent. We documented the process: why, when and how we did that. The most interesting part of the story, though, is how it all played out. Obviously, we couldn’t have known it all up front. The core of our approach to transparent salaries… Read all »

In our line of business estimating software projects is our bread and butter. Sometimes it’s the first thing our potential clients ask for. Sometimes we have already finished a product discovery workshop before we talk about it. Sometimes it is a recurring task in projects we run. Either way, the goal is always the same… Read all »

There are things that we get used to very quickly and then we can hardly imagine going back to a previous state. One such thing for me, in a professional context, is transparency. My default attitude for years was to aim for more transparency than I encountered when joining an organization. I didn’t put much… Read all »

How We Hire

A story that I frequently share when speaking at conferences is the one when I finally re-hired Ania. Once she agreed to rejoin us, I was so ecstatic to share the news with everyone. And then Tomek and Marcin popped up at my desk with sad faces to tell me: “Pawel, it’s not how we… Read all »

Who We Are

I face a number of occasions when I describe us as a company. A software development shop. A mobile and web development agency. A web development boutique. A product development services organization. I have used them all in every combination and more. In fact, I struggle a bit when it comes to defining Lunar Logic’s… Read all »