Being a software dev is an exciting adventure and a great way of life.   It's not all moonlight and roses, though. Numerous challenges await you down the road. Nemeses who will summon distress and anxiety for you. They will tamper with your mood, undermine your confidence, jam the performance and turn your efforts into dust. If… Read all »

The problem I have with functional programming concepts is that whenever I learn about them, it's usually about monads, closures, folds, infinite streams etc. I know they are cool and all but, honestly, I rarely see a good use for them in my daily work. I am a Ruby dev mostly; I like to get stuff… Read all »

Lunar on Snapchat

UPDATE 22.04: This post has been updated with new information on 22.04.2016. As you may know already, we are quite a unique company when it comes to organizational culture. We value empathy and transparency. We collectively manage the company. We have open salaries, advisory process, collective hiring, self-organizing teams etc. For the last 3 years, we have been evolving… Read all »

Wroc_love.rb conference has, yet again, lived up to expectations. When I attended Wrocław's Ruby conference two years ago it was a real eye-opener for me. And one which shaped my personal development as a coder. This year, I wasn't expecting that much, but still went to the Silesian capital with a fair amount of excitement… Read all »

Baruco 2014 recap

Baruco 2014 is over. I was lucky to be there and soak in all that it offered. Let me share some of my thoughts. I arrived to Barcelona early enough to take part in one of the workshops prepared by organizers as a kind of a side dish to the main event. "Test drive a… Read all »