I guess the most interesting bit of our open salaries story is exactly how the change looked. I already mentioned that this was an important part of the preparation process, so it definitely wasn’t a gung-ho kind of thing. First of all, open salaries was an opt-in program. No one was forced to join. Not… Read all »

Once I started playing with the idea of making salaries at Lunar Logic transparent, the question that popped up almost instantly was: when? Well, one thing that I should probably start with was to ask whether we want to do that at all. If I simply ask the latter out of the blue I would… Read all »

Transparent salaries are becoming increasingly popular. I know more and more companies that decide to change the traditional approach and make salaries known within the organization. Buffer goes as far as publishing their salaries to the world on their blog. We did the same at Lunar Logic. Pursuing open salaries just for the sake of… Read all »

Visualizing your business ideas in easy and simple ways has become much easier as many new solutions are appearing on the wave of Lean Startup’s growing popularity. There are differences between the various tools: themes, form, the level of detail and elements on which they focus attention. Learn to use them properly, you’ll become better… Read all »

We are a web software shop. We frequently work for startups, including those who are just starting. Inevitably we get asked to estimate batches of work. I never have a quick and easy answer when it comes to estimations. On one hand I perfectly understand the rationale behind requesting estimates. If I were starting my… Read all »