Hello! Please, tell us how you feel. We do this in many ways: send Kudos, submit a topic during the weekly lean coffee, have a real coffee in our comfy kitchen or... Draw a smiley on a whiteboard. Or beer. Or Pacman. It's up to you. The Happiness Chart is a kind of universal mood indicator. We draw… Read all »

What's the easiest way to grab the attention of a Rubyist on a big, long conference? With cola. Well, not only with cola, to be honest. Firstly, it's Kola, like in Fritz-Kola. Secondly, it's a hand-made Rocket Edition, as one guy dubbed it. Thirdly... oh, well, just decipher the code below: Forgive me the eerie… Read all »

Great job! Take this!

"Kudos" US[ˈkjuːdɒs], UK[ˈkuːdɒs] - 1. Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement. 2. Praise given for achievement.* Here, in Lunar Logic, we love to give people random geeky gadgets or long-lasting cinema vouchers. Immediately after that I take a photo of the gift recipient and post it to our Facebook, saying nice things about… Read all »