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UPDATE 22.04: This post has been updated with new information on 22.04.2016. As you may know already, we are quite a unique company when it comes to organizational culture. We value empathy and transparency. We collectively manage the company. We have open salaries, advisory process, collective hiring, self-organizing teams etc. For the last 3 years, we have been evolving… Read all »

Are you an awesome team player and love to spend time working with other people?  Do you have what it takes to be a software developer? Do you want to become part of the Lunar Logic team?   How about joining us for the internship? 3 months In Krakow (sorry, no remote) Full-time or part-time… Read all »

In the previous post we got to know Flux. Full code of the application is accessible here. We moved all the state modifications to stores, to have better control over the changes. I've also mentioned that there is a mechanism for synchronising store updates. The truth is, though, in a complex application handling store dependencies… Read all »

In the last post we created a simple application, using just bare React. Full code of the application is accessible here. The important thing to notice is that we hold the state of the app in many places. In a more complicated application it can cause a lot of pain :) In this post we… Read all »

ReactJS has become very popular recently, the community is growing fast and more and more sites use it, so it seems like something worth learning. That's why I decided to explore it. There is so many resources and so many examples over the internet that it's difficult to wrap your head around it all, especially… Read all »