Game of (thrones) a QA position at Lunar Logic

Winter is coming… If you are interested in game of thrones a QA position at Lunar Logic, you need to outsmart your opponents apply on our internship page. Then we’ll send you a crow an e-mail with more information.

What’s going to happen next? We will deliver you a sword link to an application, which you should test (in order to find as many traps mistakes as you can, which we left for you in the application).


Internship at Lunar Logic

  • If you’re hiring for a quality assurance position, why use a quality control test? The thing I love about QA work at Lunar Logic is that QA folks actually get involved in the whole QA process, start to finish, and aren’t relegated to just poking around looking for bugs in the finished work. Exploratory testing is a noble art and skill, but it’s just about the least value-adding thing a QA person can do with her time.

  • Paweł Brodziński

    Being an awesome QA engineer has a lot to do with traits like creativity, consistency, or critical thinking (just to mention those that start with c; there are more of course). It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in reviewing the scope for a new project or just making sure that no bug slipped through automatic tests — all of them will be useful.

    Arguably, good exploratory testing requires many of these traits. That’s what we want to check with the exercise.

    By the way, you as a candidate wouldn’t be limited just to list bugs you spot. If you have anything else to share, please do.