Wroc_love.rb conference has, yet again, lived up to expectations. When I attended Wrocław's Ruby conference two years ago it was a real eye-opener for me. And one which shaped my personal development as a coder. This year, I wasn't expecting that much, but still went to the Silesian capital with a fair amount of excitement… Read all »

You might have already read the great review of Web Summit 2015 by Gosia (aka The Cheerful Designer) and be thinking about going next year? Well, maybe it is time to hear my (aka The Awkward Developer) opinion. I knew Web Summit with 42k (!) attendees, gazillion startups and bazillion things might not be the… Read all »

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Yes. Basia and I were at Web Summit Conference this year. We went to Dublin - the land of Fairies, Guinness and a huge technology conference. Overall it was great and exhausting; the talks were interesting and inspiring, I discovered how varied the startup stage is and could confirm that, indeed, Guinness tastes better in Ireland… Read all »

When you look at the list of programming conferences, there is usually a clear distinction between the front and back-end oriented –  but it’s not the case with Full Stack Fest. Organised by Codegram, it merges 2 conferences: Barcelona Ruby Conference and FutureJS with a day of workshops and hackathon in between. This special event… Read all »

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Software Carpentry is a non-profit organisation which runs workshops all over the world, provides open access teaching materials, and runs an instructor training program. The main idea for these events is to help scientists to develop their programming skills so they can use them on a daily basis to automate their work. The workshop program… Read all »