Our brains work in weird ways. Sometimes you struggle to think of anything, you sit there looking at the blank computer screen for hours, unable to make something look good. Never mind whether you are a designer or developer, you have trouble to put pieces together so the website behaves the way you want. And… Read all »

To be honest, I hardly ever stumble upon a situation that I have trouble finding a satisfying solution to my problem over the internet. And yet it happened to me last week. I was thinking of a way to improve the design of an application that our awesome interns, Asia and Przemek, are making. The… Read all »

The problem I have with functional programming concepts is that whenever I learn about them, it's usually about monads, closures, folds, infinite streams etc. I know they are cool and all but, honestly, I rarely see a good use for them in my daily work. I am a Ruby dev mostly; I like to get stuff… Read all »

CSS animations have been in regular use for a few years now. Used correctly, they are a fantastic way to enhance your website and help users understand interactions better. Unfortunately, as easy as they are to use, there is a high chance that you are forcing your user’s browser to perform costly operations that slow… Read all »

In the last post we decided to use following tools: Server side Javascript rendering - Express as the frontend server JS written in EcmaScript6 syntax - transpiling ES6 to ES5 using Babel loaded through Webpack Stylesheets written in Sass - transpiling SASS into CSS using sass-loader for Webpack All Javascript bundled in one file and… Read all »